Digital solutions for patient engagement and data capture to integrate clinical studies into everyday life

Our Approach

At Exco InTouch our mission has always been to leverage advances in technology to improve the way patients are supported during clinical trials.

We have now expanded this vision through the introduction of Gather™, an end-to-end product suite providing enhanced engagement for all stakeholders in the clinical trial process.

Covering everything from recruitment to study close, patient involvement to site management, Gather™ acts as a seamless connection between patients, sites and sponsors.

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Supporting patients is key to successful clinical trials. We work with our clients to create a customized communication plan, combining patient profiling (demographic, location and condition-specific needs) with critical study parameters.

Through this approach we are able to build a strategy to support patients, from simple medication or visit reminders through to a tailored motivation and educational support plan, delivered direct to each patient’s preferred device using our mDNA® technology to seamlessly integrate clinical trial participation into their everyday life.


Seamless integration of electronic Clinical Outcomes Assessments (eCOA) into everyday lives using our device inclusive approach which enables data capture from any internet-connected device (including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, PCs and medical devices).

Whether collecting Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO), Clinician Reported Outcomes (ClinRO), or Observer Reported Outcomes (ObsRO) we can help you identify the appropriate methodology for data capture. Our flexible approach to provisioning enables the selection of locally prevalent, familiar devices (or even the patient’s own device) to build engagement into the heart of every study,  improving the overall quality of data capture and study outcomes, as well as improving the patient’s study experience.


Proving Equivalence

A common misconception regarding the use of ePRO is a perceived difficulty in the deployment of a validated instrument. This is because when these instruments are used for label claims each scale must be validated on the selected ePRO modality. Therefore there is a general misconception that all devices must be provisioned for validated instruments.


Our patented mDNA® technology is able to recognize individual device specifications, meaning devices that do not meet validation requirements can be identified during patient screening and a suitable device provisioned. Additionally, for instruments accessed via the web, mDNA® can block devices outside screen size specifications, providing control over scale display that is not possible through other web-accessed ePRO solutions.


There are many different device options when capturing eCOA during clinical studies. Our patented mDNA® technology utilizes device diagnostics to enable delivery of services to any internet-connected device. This facilitates the selection of appropriate devices based on familiarity, screen size and functionality, enabling us to source cost-effective smartphones for provisioned studies. Additionally, we can identify the specifications of each patient’s device and ascertain whether it meets requirements for the individual study. Therefore for many studies we are able to offer a flexible ‘choice driven’ approach with a mix of patients  own phones, tablets or computers (BYOD) and others using provisioned devices.

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Medical device readings are an important part of clinical outcomes assessments. The move towards ePRO data collection and the addition of Bluetooth technology on many devices now enables integration of medical device readings into ePRO diaries.

Our solutions are designed to be fully compatible with a broad range of home monitoring devices including both medical and lifestyle devices, using our expertise to deliver clinical apps directly to end users via a simple, user friendly interface.

Device Library

Workflow Integration

Our mission is to provide an engaging experience for all stakeholders in the clinical trial  journey. Therefore we have developed the Gather™ product suite to support clinical data capture from end to end.

The Gather™ product suite includes tools to assist investigators to monitor and manage patient progress. Streamlining the site and patient experience enables the integration of PRO, ObsRO and ClinRO data into an integrated unified study view.

Additionally our flexible APIs enable integration with all market leading EDC systems, allowing ePRO to become an integrated part of your EDC systems and resulting in unified subject management across clinical technology systems.

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Reporting is a key element of clinical trial management. That’s why we have created a suite of reporting tools to enable self-service reporting for all stakeholders. From simple progress indicators for patients and daily management reports for site investigators, through to real time visualization tools for sponsor study teams. We are able to help you turn data into valuable information to guide study progress.

Sites Enrolled

Patients Enrolled

Patient Progress


Our Patients

A more intuitive and engaging experience that gives people a reason to participate and stay involved in clinical research.

Our Sponsors

A strategic solution to the challenge of managing more complex trials, providing better information and learning across the clinical development process. Enables full administrative control of their studies.

Our Sites/HCPs

Easy and intuitive to use, facilitating the 2 way comms between sites and patients and simplifying the process of administrating studies.