Introducing Gather

A collaborative, end-to-end system, that effortlessly supports people throughout the clinical journey

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…There was a different way to manage clinical trials.

The most important assets in clinical development are people. It’s by understanding and living in their world – and taking great care of them – that we gain the participation and insight we need to create the best medicines and treatments.

We have created Gather™, a collaborative, end-to-end system that effortlessly supports patients, sites and sponsors throughout the clinical journey. Giving everybody the help they need, providing sites with tools to easily monitor and support patients, and providing sponsors with more accurate feedback, all in real time.

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Redefining the clinical Journey

Many clinical trial processes were established before the digital technology revolution, meaning these processes are now out-dated.

We have developed Gather™ to address these issues through engaging all stakeholders in the clinical trial journey. Covering everything from recruitment to study close, patient involvement to site management, Gather™ provides seamless connections, bringing people together to gather the evidence needed to draw insights into new medicines and treatments.

Complete Product Suite

The Gather™ product suite is built upon our secure, scalable infrastructure, utilizing our patented mDNA® technology to optimise the user interface whilst ensuring personally identifiable information (PII) is protected, and a rules engine to examine data & create actions based on pre-set rules.

We’ve mapped every part of the clinical development process within Gather™, using a modular approach to simply switch functionality on as each project requires. This results in an easy to deploy, validated and robust solution to managing the patient journey during clinical trials.

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Device Inclusive Approach

With clinical trials now commonly being conducted on a global scale, increasing efficiencies in data management are critical. Because we instantly recognize which device a patient is using, we can optimize the content they receive. We do this by utilizing our ground breaking proprietary mDNA® technology.

How does it work?

mDNA® interrogates the devices used by patients and checks specifications against predefined criteria. A key is created and used to identify a patient and their data, linking a device to an individual and ensuring that data submitted is attributable to the original registered device.

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Is this your device?

Through the device interrogation mDNA® optimizes the display for each device, enhancing familiarity and usability. This can be seen from the display above, which shows key information regarding the device being used to view this webpage.
Try it yourself

Try it yourself

Scan the QR code above to test mDNA® on a range of devices. This webpage can be viewed on any device, but should devices' specifications fall outside study requirements mDNA® can prevent access to scales or questionnaires and direct users to select an alternate device.

Data Security

Exco InTouch believe that the protection of all patient data is of vital importance and that is why, since our inception, we have focused heavily on compliance with global data regulations, including FDA, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and EU data privacy directives. Using our mDNA® technology we are able to offer secure global mobile services in even the most complex and ever-changing landscapes.

We have integrated FDA, HIPAA and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) controls into our technology and associated processes, and Quality Management System (QMS) procedures to ensure the highest level of protection for patients. HIPAA-specific controls include, but are not limited to, encrypting data in the database at 256 bits, controlling access to and distribution of data, ongoing security monitoring, production server log storage for a minimum of 7 years and monthly executive HIPAA compliance reports.

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