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A Ground-Breaking Approach to COPD Management

AstraZeneca and Exco InTouch discuss the Me&MyCOPD program, which delivers personalized support and treatment management for patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Clinical Trials and ‘Bring Your Own Device’

Chris Watson lays out a strategy to enable sponsors and CROs to integrate a BYOD approach into their clinical research strategy.

How Mobile Technology is Evolving in Clinical Trials

From patient engagement through to ePRO data capture and a BYOD approach. Tim Davis, CEO and founder of Exco InTouch discusses the evolution of mobile technology in clinical trials.

Putting the ‘m’ into Health

Mark Brincat discusses how mobile technology is defining the future of healthcare

Device Independence is the Future of Clinical Trials

Tim Davis, CEO and co-founder of Exco InTouch discusses why BYOD makes sense both economically and socially and is the future of clinical trials.

Tim Davis PharmaVOICE 100 Profile

Tim Davis, CEO and co-founder of Exco InTouch has been recognized in the 2013 list for his vision to drive patient engagement into the heart of clinical research and health programs through the use of mobile and digital technology.

eDiary for Osteoarthritis study using the mWOMAC scale

A pharmaceutical company required a daily diary in a Phase II study on 190 patients to assess flare-enriched osteoarthritis of the knee. In additional to the daily osteoarthritis pain and rescue medication diary a weekly mWOMAC NRS 3.1 scale had to be completed.

eDiary for smoking cessation

A pharmaceutical company was planning a phase II study to assess a new smoking cessation product in Germany. Patients were required to be heavy smokers (minimum of 30 cigarettes per day) . 400 patients were screened and 200 randomised. The study required online data access and real time alerting for key data items as well as email alerts to sites for potential interventions.