Advances in digital and mobile technology have created a vast array of opportunity to improve clinical trial and healthcare programs. Here some of our experts share their thoughts on current topics

The Internet of Medical Things: Creating a 21st Century Experience for the Patient

The pharmaceutical industry is always evolving, with the last five years introducing increased focus on developments in technology, patient experience and new...
Gavin Birchnall

08 February 2017

Multi-Program Digital Health Platforms – What Are The Benefits?

The digital health industry is enabling patients to manage their health conditions better than ever before.  Apps, wearable technology and Bluetooth™ medical...
Tim Davis

02 February 2017

The Move Towards BYOD Data Capture in Clinical Trials

Over the last decade electronic data collection has grown rapidly as a method of Clinical Outcome Assessments in the form of eCOA....
Dr. Chris Watson

05 December 2016

Is a BYOD Approach to eCOA Right For Your Clinical Study?

Is BYOD right for your study? The ever growing discussion around the use of bring your own device (BYOD) in clinical trials...
Tim Davis

17 October 2016

How to Successfully Implement BYOD into Clinical Trials

BYOD: What does it really mean? The use of electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOAs) is growing rapidly. As a result the discussion...
Jeremy Edwards

20 September 2016

Engagement Shouldn’t Stop at Patients

The clinical technology industry has spent many years working to improve the experience of participating in clinical trials for patients. Starting with...
Tim Davis

04 August 2016

The Evolution of Digital Health and the Era of Cognitive Computing

I recently discovered the concept of telehealth (now known as digital health) was first put forward in the 1920s by Hugo Gernsback....
Tim Davis

18 July 2016

The Era of Mobile Data Capture in Clinical Trials

At its core, mobile technology is able to support the diaries, scales and questionnaires required for capture of PROs during trials, however...
Tim Davis

30 November 2015

Data protection: Revolutionizing healthcare and clinical trials through technology

The pharmaceutical industry’s embrace of this brave new technological world is, in some respects, long overdue. Digital solutions are taking over the...
Dale Jessop

16 October 2015

Launching mHealth across borders: From operation to regulation

When it comes to scaling out mHealth solutions across borders, it is vital that patients are kept central to all design decisions....
Dr. Chris Watson

16 September 2015