Tailored solutions to support long term condition management and drive better health outcomes

Circle of Care


Our Approach

We have developed a modular approach to configure and deliver disease management programs that support all stakeholders in the Care Circle – patients, their caregivers, healthcare professionals, providers and payers.

We work with our clients to create a condition-specific care plan, selecting the most appropriate tools for each program, including data capture, education, alerts and goals as well as progress tracking and patient monitoring through role-based access and reporting.

This enables patients to learn more about their condition, remain engaged with treatment regimens and ultimately provides patients with the ability to better manage their conditions.

Engaging Patients

Digital health programs have been shown to have significant impact on reducing the healthcare burden. Through supporting patients to better manage their condition and through remote monitoring, these programs have shown reductions in key criteria such as numbers of admissions and bed days in hospital.

To ensure these benefits are realized it is essential to engage patients over sustained periods of time. To achieve this programs must be developed to cover the patient’s entire journey. The key lies in intelligent solutions that adapt to each patient to provide a personalized service which reflects their experience at any given time. Through this patients are empowered to better manage their condition and healthcare professionals are able to improve their decision-making through accurate, relevant content for each patient



Each patient journey will be different. However, there are some common support mechanisms that can be built into health programs to help track progress and provide guidance to patients as they take control of their condition. These include:

  • Symptom tracking
  • Mood tracking
  • Medication tracking
  • Patient reported outcomes

Symptom Tracking

Patients are presented with a pre-set list of common symptoms for their condition, which they can report through daily/weekly questionnaires and track through simple reports on their smartphone app or internet portal.

Mood Tracking

Mood tracking is a simple but effective method of assessing how well patients are managing their condition and whether intervention, or further support is required.

Medication Tracking

Medication tracking is essential to monitor adherence to regimens over time. However, for many conditions this can also provide an early indication of impending events, such as increased rescue medication use for respiratory patients.

Patient Reported Outcomes

Clinical questionnaires, assessments and scales can be incorporated into programs for a more detailed assessment of patient progress at selected time points. Data is stored centrally and can be used to adapt the service according to patient progress, or to direct patients to seek further assistance.


We have pioneered the development of digital health programs for chronic condition management and have partnered with major pharmaceutical companies to develop comprehensive health support programs in a range of long term conditions including:

  • Respiratory diseases
  • Dermatology
  • Haematology
  • Pancreatic dysfunction

Me and

We partnered with AstraZeneca to create this integrated health solution designed to support patients towards better medication and lifestyle management. The program uses a mobile and internet based platform to capture information, manage medication and support the patients existing COPD care-plan.

Following the success of Me&MyCOPD in the UK healthcare system a streamlined program to support asthma and COPD patients using Symbicort™ is being rolled out globally.

My Hives

TARGET My Hives is an innovative digital health network for everyone impacted by chronic urticaria, patient association groups and health care professionals.

The program brings together everyone impacted by chronic urticaria to form a community, allowing patients to learn from others like them how to manage their disease, set goals for themselves and share these and their results with each other. By motivating and supporting each other, TARGET My Hives helps patients to actively take control of their condition.


Personalized reporting is essential for effective condition management. Patients (and caregivers) can access simple-to-understand summaries of their progress and clear flags for when they need to take action. Healthcare providers receive quick to view summaries of patient wellness and trends in their condition, with the option to delve into greater detail for areas of concern. Payers benefit from intelligent data analytics to track the impact of the service on patient populations and overall healthcare delivery.






Becomes more confident that patients are manag- ing their condition succ- essfully. They are also able to make more informed decisions, tailoring care pathways to each patient’s individual needs.


Is reassured through the ability to monitor the patient’s progress, often remotely. They are also able to understand more about steps they can take and are alerted when intervention is required.


Feels more supported by the healthcare system and is empowered to take control of their condition. Ultimately this leads to more motivated patients and improved health outcomes.


Receives a cost benefit as patients who understand the importance of making lifestyle changes, taking medication as required and meeting agreed goals are likely to be healthier and less likely to need to see an HCP or require an emergency hospital admission.


Can enhance patient exp- erience and support HCPs prescribing treatment. The resulting improvements in health outcomes for patients ultimately drive brand loyalty.